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LitDistCo, the independent distribution arm of the Literary Press Group of Canada, has launched a new on-going distribution project called Book in Hand Distribution. Known as Canada’s Literary Distribution Specialists since 2002, LitDistCo now welcomes clients that publish in all genres to apply for distribution and bibliographic data services under the Books in Hand imprint.

A technology leader in the Canadian market and a provider of exceptional services, LitDistCo is at the forefront of new initiatives in the book supply chain. The Books in Hand distribution project by LitDistCo ensures your books and book data are available across the trade market, so you can focus on the stories you tell.

Books in Hand Distribution offers publishers of all genres the same unparalleled LitDistCo personal service, including on-boarding, customized reporting, bibliographic data training and continuous logistical support and advice.

Books in Hand clients may choose to engage the services of a sales force or to represent themselves to the trade market.

For more information or to request an application form, please contact:
Leila Bovee-Begun, LitDistCo General Manager



Books in Hand will distribute your books to interested trade and wholesale retailers. We’ve teamed up with Fraser Direct to offer fulfillment services to customers across Canada and the US.

Books in Hand will:

  • store your books for a nominal monthly fee
  • ship your books to customers and process any returns
  • invoice customers for books sold and handle all collections
  • broker customs processing on your behalf
  • provide detailed monthly reports and expert advice

Let the collective work for you!

When your orders are consolidated with other clients’ books, shipping costs are lower, and booksellers are more likely to order your books.

Bibliographic data

 It’s often said that a book publisher’s product is its data. While book publishers have a number of excellent selling tools, in most cases a bookseller can’t order your book unless the correct bibliographic data is available in a database they can access, be it BookNet Canada, BookManager, Indigo, etc. In addition, your chances of direct-selling to a reader visiting one of the various retail websites, such as or, are much better when the customer can see a cover image and read a description of your book.

Books in Hand will:

  • help you get BookNet certified and get your data into BiblioShare and 49th Shelf
  • send out your book data across Canada and the US – you choose where you want your data to go
  • get your enhanced content on retail websites
  • offer expert advice and training opportunities to improve your metadata

Please contact us to learn more!
Leila Bovee-Begun, LitDistCo General Manager