BiblioData Project

LitDistCo offers a comprehensive bibliographic data program to any Canadian publisher.

It’s often said that a book publisher’s product is its data. While book publishers have a number of excellent selling tools, in almost all cases a bookseller can’t order your book unless the correct bibliographic data is available in a database they can access, be it Books in Print, BookManager, Indigo, etc. In addition, your chances of direct-selling to a reader visiting one of the various retail websites – say or – are much better when the customer can see a cover image and read a description of your book.

LitDistCo is the distribution arm of the Literary Press Group of Canada. Since 2006, LitDistCo has offered a comprehensive data program – including help with BookNet certification and in listing books on Canadian Bookshelf – to any interested Canadian publisher.

Publishers participating in the project are currently BookNet Canada Gold certified where publishers have provided enhanced content like cover images and book descriptions. Many granting bodies require BookNet certification in their eligibility criteria. Through BookNet’s BiblioShare program, data project participants also have their bibliographic data sent to the Canadian Bookshelf initiative.

The LitDistCo Biblio Data Project is a one-stop shop. We’ll:

• help you get BookNet certified and get your data into BiblioShare and Canadian Bookshelf
• send out your book data across Canada and the US – you choose where you want your data to go
• get your enhanced content on retail websites

We work with interested publishers to collect your backlist and new title bibliographic information. After that, you’ll only have one source to keep updated, and we’ll do the rest!

BiblioData Project Details

Any Canadian publisher can sign up for LitDistCo’s data project.

• We’ll work with you to collect Silver (basic) or Gold Standard (includes enhanced content like book covers and descriptions) bibliographic data, and help you get certified.

• We’ll send out your top-notch data in ONIX, as well as cover images, to:
– your distributor
– BookNet Canada BiblioShare
– 49th Shelf
– Indigo
– Bowker
– BookManager
– library wholesalers
– Ingram
– Baker & Taylor
– ebook distributors or retailers
– others as requested by publisher

• We’ll keep these online sources and data aggregators updated weekly on any changes to your data.

Download this information (PDFs) and view pricing:

For more information, questions, or to sign up, contact:

Leila Bovee-Begun, LitDistCo General Manager

LitDistCo is BookNet Canada Gold Certified.