Fee for Exaltation, The

cover for Fee for Exaltation, The

Fee for Exaltation, The

by John Tyndall

ISBN-10: 0-88753-435-X

ISBN-13: 978-0-88753-435-5

5.5 x 6 IN, 74pp, Paperback

$15.00 CAD

$15.00 USD

September 2007

Black Moss Press

What binds a family together, a shared history, religious and political traditions, a name, a place? The Fee for Exaltation is John Tyndall’s second book of poetry with Black Moss Press, and is truly a sophisticated reflection of the author’s life. Tyndall’s combination of inventive forms and imagistic poetic prose will compel you to delve into this inspiring collection centred on family, love, religion, and traditions. While researching his Irish heritage, Tyndall finds that century old schisms in the old world still run warm today in Canada, and physical and ideological wounds have a tendency to re-open. Through an exploration of ‘old rich links’ and ‘precious roots’ Tyndall offers glimpses of renewal and peace within the narrator’s internal struggle. “how the pebbles Nanabush threw in the air, tempting the infant people to stand for the first time and grow”. The heart-wrenching story of an opera loving, cribbage playing mother paralyzed by recurring strokes launches the narrator into a journey to places and times in his life. Tyndall re-imagines a trip to Arizona, ‘sun scorching at zenith, moisture a hazy memory’ and the ‘monuments in red, red stone’ where ‘I see my mother blinding with grace’. The close relationship between mother and son is strained by thoughts of loss, inciting the narrator to find sources of strength.